Pre-departure parade…


Hi there anyone who has managed to find us so far!

Well, we’ve not even set off yet but thought we’d better get this thing off the ground and floating into the blogosphere so here goes…

We headed into London today and there were floats a-plenty – it seems they’d put a little farewell parade on for us, which was nice.

People were all dressed up, waving flags, hawkers were peddling medals, corporate sponsors were giving out free chocolate medals (which obviously pleased the kids!), giant stamps were being carried past while on the floats Olympic heroes were waving back and showing off their real medals, some of them quite literally weighed down with them. It was all quite inspiring and the atmosphere was fantastic.

As we had the kids on our shoulders some of the athletes even seemed to spot us – see who you can spot looking right at us in these photos!


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  1. Ooh very interested to see how this pans out as would love to do this with my little sproglet before she goes to school. Good luck!

  2. Have a wonderful time! Tilly you will probably have a whole new set of teeth by the time you get back – hope the tooth fairy can fly that far! Kiah make sure you don’t pick up your Dad’s rucksack by mistake instead of your’s!!!

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