Setting off and setting foot in San Francisco…


Well, we’ve now been on the road for a week and already we’re 7 days behind with this blog! How did this happen?! We must have been pretty busy so here comes the catch up…

In a way our journey started with a warm walk to Greenfield station to catch the train to Manchester on the first leg of a centipede’s legs’ worth of a journey. Waving Viv off with a song, then saying fond farewells to Mum & Dad L at Manchester took us by train to London via Birmingham, by tube to Heathrow via Hamstead Lido and A&A and AA’s hospitality. Then we chased the sunlight around the globe to arrive in San Francisco only 3 hours later on the clock than we set off. They closed the blinds on the plane but weren’t fooling anyone, especially the girls – it was daylight all the way and our body clocks were alarmed. And so we found ourselves at the start of an adventure…

In another way though it all started long ago, with months of planning, sorting, storing, saving, slaving, packing, slacking, hurrying, scurrying and worrying – but that’s all hopefully behind us now, and wouldn’t make interesting reading in any case. But cases packed and able to be carried by the four of us (with the girls fully laden with toys and snorkels) we were off…

And so we landed in California, having desparately tried to sort out our social media before we got to the land of Google and Facebook. We’ve always tended towards the Luddite with new technology (Luddlites?) but here we are with our first proper post – more to come, but if you prefer a shorter, pithier version follow our Facebook or Twitter pages.

Have a nice day now…


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