Some more photos of Arches, Bryce & Zion…


Hi y’all,
To make sure the last post didn’t get too unwieldy we only put a few photos on it but just in case you wanted to see some more, here they are…
(By the way, if you fancy leaving a comment it’d be good to hear from you, and to know who’s out there! You can also follow us if you like, we’d be very pleased…)

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  1. Great pictures and post. It’s nice to see some of Rach and the girls we just need you to relinquish camara control Pete so we can see you need to catch up with yourselves with the posts too as Dad is confused and everytime he reads the posts he says ‘well have they gone back to America now?’!
    Angel Landing looked like an absolute stunning walk, very jealous.
    Looking forward to the next installment……

  2. Hello, I can see the travel diet is going well Rachel!! Great photos. Yes we agree some photos of Pete (I’m sure Rachel will be able to take some shots – even if not to your very high standard!) Did you find any friendly tourists who could communicate with you today? Did you like my jokes girls?

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