We are: a family from Mossley, UK

We like: travelling and adventure

Our kids like (so far!): Disneyland and Build-a-Bear!

Greeba is our house and comes from Scandinavia via the Isle of Man and means mountain

Arriba is Spanish and means up

We like to be: Up a mountain!


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    • Glad to hear someone is following us…we like a bit of feedback! Girls are, I think, settling into life on the road but it’s hard work I tell you!! Say hello to Class 4 from Tilly via Amelia please. Hope you are better Jackie too. Rach x x

  1. I wanted to personally thank you, Kiah, for giving up your seat on the bus for me on the ride from Atitlan to Antigua. I so enjoyed getting to know you and your mom. In spite of being cramped in your mom’s lap, you were both great fun to talk to and you figured out Sudoku, instantly! That’s says something about the quality of your homeschooling.
    The bus that we switched to in Antigua, had only 6 passengers so we stretched out in luxury.
    Thank you again for being so generous.
    Best regards to your family and hope to see you when you next swing through California.

    • Hi Val, Kiah says thank you for your lovely message – I am typing for her as we are just about to set off to Macaw Mountain! We are in Honduras for a few days before heading back to Guatemala. There’s an update coming soon on the blog but meantime you can see lots of pics on our Greebaarriba Facebook page – you don’t need to be on Facebook to see it…just google it. Rach x x

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